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A Trip to the Moon (1902)
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A Trip to the Moon

A Trip To The Moon (1902): The material for A Trip to the Moon is sourced from a restored color version that had been considered lost for several decades and is presented with an original soundtrack by the French band, AIR. In 2010, three experts in worldwide film restoration - a private collection Lobster Films, and two non-profit entities, Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema and Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage - launched the most complex and ambitious restoration in the history of cinema, over 12 years, using advanced digital technologies to reassemble and restore the fragments of the 13,375 frames. The restoration print premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and made a worldwide tour of international festivals including Telluride, Pordenone, Rotterdam, and the MoMA Festival of Film Preservation. Now, one of the most technically sophisticated and expensive restorations in film history, A Trip to the Moon can thrill audiences in its original 1902 colors.

The Extraordinary Voyage (2011): The Extraordinary Voyage chronicles the journey of A Trip to the Moon from the fantastical Melies' production in 1902 to the astonishing rediscovery of a nitrate print in color in 1993, to the premiere of the new restoration on the opening night of the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. The story of Moon's restoration to its original 1902 colors unfolds as Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange acquire a severely damaged color print from the Filmoteca de Catalunya in 1999 and then begin the tedious task of peeling off and unrolling the nitrate prints to be able to digitize them. It took two years to discover the images on those fragments, which were then stored on a hard drive for 8 years as the technology available at the time did not allow Lobster Films to continue the landmark restoration. The documentary includes interviews with contemporary filmmakers, including Costa Gavras, Michel Gondry, Michel Hazanavicius, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet on Melies' enduring significance to cinema.

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83 mins
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Comments (9)

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Jorge Luis

It is interesting to think that our culture's fascination with special effects all began with this film. It's such an abstract and bizarre piece, and it clearly is a relic, yet so many things from this film have been referenced time and time again.

Anonymous picture

I was so excited to see this. That iconic image of the moon with the rocket stuck in his eye - finally in context. I loved the music and the fact that it was so modern rather than trying to McGiver something from the period,

Anonymous picture

That was like really lame lol!

Anonymous picture

Fantastic documentary!! Even more interesting than "A trip to the moon" is the story of its restauration!

Anonymous picture

Strange music choice

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Delightful ... palavering as any current scientific conference; women in pants, and in variety outfits of hotpants. And our moon-explorers saw the earth just like the Apollo 11 guys

Anonymous picture

1st Sci-Fi film, beginning of cinema and digital effects

Anonymous picture

Amazing story about a beautiful film!