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Unsupersize Me
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Unsupersize Me
The Woman Who Lost 200 lbs in a Year

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Comments (6)

Jason avatar

WOW!!! Inspirational! Awesome job Tracy! Thanks to Juan-Carlos for the movie. 5 stars for real drama. Plant-based for 3 years and going strong! Lost 35 lbs in my first month after becoming vegan. I was almost 200lbs, and now 155 at 5'10. Never felt better. I'm in better shape than I was in ...Read more


This was fantastic - I am so proud of Tracy for making such sweeping changes to her diet and to her entire life. Well done !!!!!

Anonymous picture

Congratulations to Tracy Ryan and Juan-Carlos Asse! I enjoyed Tracy and Juan's inspiring journey. The movie's production value is not fancy, but the message was well presented.

Anonymous picture

documentary is very film student-ish and not good film student either.

Anonymous picture
Ricardo Escalante

I would like to have seen not just loss of weight in Tracy but also increase of her strength. I did not see her lift weights or do workouts on resistance machines. On the other hand, Tracy is always positive and that was great.

Simon avatar

100% on-board with this... Forget drugs and miracle diets, just cut back on meat, eat more vegetables and exercise. That's all it takes to have a healthier and longer life.
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