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That Way Madness Lies….
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That Way Madness Lies….
An Unfiltered Look of the Life of a Schizophrenic Man

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Comments (5)

Kevin avatar

This movie was mind blowing to me as I had no idea about how the system works for people with mental illness. It showed how the caring for people with mental illness is in dire need of revamping. Watching it was disturbing and heart breaking to see the film maker try so hard to help her ...Read more

Marlys avatar

Thank you so much Sandra for this beyond brilliant film. I found it to be so instructive not only concerning the nature of the disorder, but the unbearably long-term strain mental illness puts on family members, and so much larger than that, how our communities fail to help or receive them. ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am the filmmaker and I appreciate ALL comments regarding this film and the situation my family and I found ourselves. The reason I made this film was to give voice to the many who, like us, unsuccessfully traversed an impossible system. Maybe together we can insists on better care and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

How can people be healed in a world that has been engineered to be a warzone, and to what end?

How can there be peace for anyone when the very use of the word is slipping into the realm of fantasy and madness?

Schizophrenia may be the best remaining option under such ...Read more

Anonymous picture

That was excruciating to watch. I can only begin to imagine how it was from the inside. But I really appreciate the peek into this. It could be any family facing this, tomorrow.

I just wish I knew how to put the cars back on the rails earlier. I know that the filmmaker doesn't know, ...Read more